"Demigods, huh?" Interesting. She nodded, agreeing that training was a good idea for anyone with special abilities. Naminé held her tongue to keep from asking why children were sent on quests, when she knew very well that the movie would probably answer the question, and that it happened in real life anyway.

The movie captured her attention, causing her to focus on the plot and the characters. She barely noticed at first that Ven had snuggled closer to her, but after a few seconds she realized that he was a lot closer than she remembered. Her cheeks tinged pink, embarrassed that she hadn’t noticed but pleased that he was closer. Naminé reciprocated in kind, still paying attention to the movie, but also relishing in Ven’s affection.


The movie continued, but Ven had a hard time focusing with Namine snuggled against him. His mind was drifting to weird places, imagining things like making out and falling asleep like this. Ven realized he was feeling like, well, a normal teenage boy. With no interest in pushing Namine at all, he forced himself to watch the movie, simply enjoying her warmth.

A change in scene caused him to laugh, as Grover appeared on the screen dressed in a wedding dress. He couldn’t believe cyclopes were so blind. He found himself imagining what it’d be like to have just one eye, and closed one to see how long he could stand to watch the movie like that. It didn’t last long because his other eye got tired. With a heavy breath, and heavy eyelids, he shifted his weight to lean against her. He had no intentions of falling asleep yet, but the lazy moment was cherished.

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Naminé made a noise of surprise when they were suddenly transported to Radiant Garden, but didn’t protest. She had been unsure of the wards around the ruins and that had been why she had suggested getting out of them first. Ven seemed to have thought it better to try first and waste less time.

She breathed easier, now that she was home, and appreciated the evening sun warming their skin as they headed back to the house she shared with Cloud. A worried frown came across her face as she heard his story, and she couldn’t help but say, “Do you think she’ll try cursing you again?” A horrible thought, because the next time it might be much more dangerous than enchanted sleep.

Then another thought came to her. “Was it timed sleep and I just happened to be holding you at the right moment, or did you have to wake up because of something I did?” Strange how familiar this curse sounded, but Naminé thought Maleficent was more creative than doing the same curse twice.

Ven began to guide her home, but soon she began to ask questions. The nervousness probably began to show on his face, but he tried to distract himself. Such pretty clouds today. Nope, not helping. 

"Maybe," Ven said, "she may just come here herself." Well, that was unreasonable. Radiant Gardens was well guarded, and Maleficent wasn’t strong enough to take it back over. "Or, she’ll try to get me while we’re away…in another world." He frowned, because that would mean less dates, and more reasons for Cloud to worry. Ven decided he wouldn’t tell Cloud about the incident.

"Uhhh," her next question had him sweating. This was bad. "I-it…uh…must have been you. I mean…" He was such a bad liar. "Maybe it’s because you entered the room. Or because you killed the heartless. Did you kill the heartless that captured me?

Anonymous inquired: -hands Ven two presents- Happy birthday -tinystarlightwanderer



"Thanks!" he grins and eyes the presents, initially not registering that they’re for him. He takes them and looks between Levina and the boxes. "Are these…for me?"



"I hope your wish comes true Ven!" She smiled at him lightly giggling watching her friend gobble down the cake. "Is it that good?" She asked taking a bite. Her taste buds overflowed into inside her mouth. 

"This is the best cake I have ever eaten!" 

"Really?" he asked with a face full of cake. Sure, it was delicious, but he wasn’t sure about the best. Though, sharing it with a friend made it amazing.

"It is good," he ate another bite, for good measure. "Thanks for celebrating with me," he beamed.

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For a moment, Levina was petrified to move. She never saw him fight like that before. She knew he got frustrated, but not to a point where he would lash out even if it was at Heartless. 

She gave a small nod following Ven towards the opening of the wall. 

To Ven’s surprise, the large heartless from before didn’t show its face. Instead, it waited till they walked past its previous spawn point to show up behind them. That made it simple enough for them to bolt for the opening.

Once back in the woods, the trees stretched before them as before, only this time, they were in the canopy. Ven squinted and strained but couldn’t see the fruit. Maybe it was hiding behind the tree trunks? “Hopefully we don’t fall…” he murmured, thinking of how difficult it would be to fight heartless up here.




Complete and utter panic.

Having gotten free of the Realm of Darkness, Aqua went immediately to bring Ven to Yen Sid to be woken up. Well, try to at least.

But upon reaching his room, where she should have seen him sitting in the chair, she found nothing. No one.

Not even a trace of the blond boy whom she had left on his own.

"Hmmm," Ven hummed to himself as he wandered the pure white halls of the strange place he’d woken up in. He had no idea where he was or how he got here, but he was pretty certain he wasn’t in any danger.

As he wandered, he grew hungry and, surprise surprise, lost. So lost that he managed to walk in a complete circle and wind up in the same room he woke up in. Only this time, when he poked his head inside, someone was standing there.

What was her name again? She was so familiar.

"Aqua?" he mumbled, speaking before he could truly remember.



It’s a cool, summer day and Ven found himself with nobody to talk to. With that, he grabbed his skateboard, choosing to take to the streets instead. He had no aim, no goal in mind, just him and the broken pavement. And so he went, wherever fate would take him today.

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I forgot what we were gonna do.

"Alright, where should we go?"

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