Aqua and Stitch vs Captain Gantu (x)

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She chuckled a little, watching the blond a few moments before she finally shrugged. “I see.. I personally don’t really have much ta do, but if ya’d like, ya can come with me ta talk ta my foster son.. Been needin’ ta go see ‘em for a while now.” She raised her brow a little before she took a glance up at the sky, the soft clouds merely strolling by as if there was nothing more to do. It was actually a pleasant change from the rainy past week that they had being that she knew that the weather bothered two of the boys that she called her ‘sons’.

"Sure." Ven followed her eyes, looking up at the same sky. Come to think of it, he hadn’t checked the sky for Cocoon. It would always tell him what time period he was in, or so Rain told him. He looked around with just his eyes, hoping to not pull too much attention to himself. From here, he couldn’t see it, but maybe that was just coincidence. "Uhm, what year is it?" That might have been too obvious of a question. 

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"Oh?" The mask lifted slightly to reveal a fox-like grin. "You really do look alike. He never said he had a twin though." Dropping the mask to cover his face once more, Madara chuckled. "But you do have the guts, kid. Which was why I let your bro into my gang. But, I guess you haven’t seen him recently either? Or have you?"

"No," he said simply, his body tense with fear. If he said one wrong thing, this guy would kill him and he knew it. There had to be a way out of this situation. "I haven’t seen him in months, he ran away to join…your gang." The blond hesitated, still unsure if this man was the real deal. If Roxas wasn’t with his gang, that meant he was trying to get out. That spelled even more trouble. Could I outrun him? He’s probably armed.





Meat and eat it on rice. Ienzo nodded before glancing at the recipe and then back to Ven. “Get out some rice, then. That will take the longest to cook. The meat will take the shortest amount since this is a stir fry. Make sure the meat is separated into small pieces. I do believe that’s how to make a proper stir fry… this is not my cooking area of expertise.” Though, hopefully, he was being more of use to Ven. Stir fry couldn’t be too difficult. 

"Okay!" he hopped around the kitchen, searching for the rice cooker, the pot, the rice, and the water. Soon enough, the rice was cooking, just like the rest of the food. "I guess I messed up, since it’s already cooking," sure it was slightly burnt. "Do you want to start over?" They could eat the current stir fry in its burnt state but there were enough ingredients to start over.




"Well, there is a cockpit where I can take the wheel, but for the most part Festus is in charge. His AI learns from every situation, so he can handle just about anything." He patted his dragon’s head. "Dragons usually aren’t really nice, but Festus here is the best. I meant to name him after my dad, Hephaestus, but apparently Festus means ‘happy’ in Latin. Which is pretty accurate, if you ask me. He’s my best bud." He turned back to Ven. "So, how exactly did you get in here? Bunker Nine is sealed, and there’s only one door." He raised an eyebrow curiously, analyzing Ven’s clothing and stance, wondering just how smart he may be.

"Cooooooool!" he started, but the longer Leo kept going, the less he knew what to say. Seriously, this kid was like a machine. Maybe he didn’t have much company other than Festus. Especially with a sealed bunker. "Uh, magic?" Shoot, it was obvious wasn’t it? Busted, big time busted. Change the subject Ven! "So why are you building a giant ship? Is there a war?" Good, nice topic change. He hoped and prayed that Leo was easily distracted. If his speech was any indication, Ven was pretty sure it would work.





He decided that he wouldn’t push the other for the moment even if he had the feeling he should have. Taking in his Question the Brunette grinned “You could stay with me! I know my parents won’t mind and we have an extra bedroom..”

He opened his mouth to object, but really, he couldn’t. Ven had nowhere else to go. Closing his mouth, then opening it again, he finally formed some words, "Really? I mean, you don’t have to…Thank you!" Sora had always been so kind, taking care of him and protecting him. "I owe you," everything.





Ven’s declaration upset Aqua more than it should have. How could he even think about abandoning their home? Terra and Aqua had lived there since they were barely walking. True the place was filled with bad memories and the ghosts Master Eraqus left behind, but that didn’t mean they should leave it to rot and crumble.

Above all, Aqua had a firm belief that if they went back and fixed the castle back up, they could make newer, better memories to replace the painful ones. Ignoring them and letting them fester was the exact opposite of what they should be doing and it would do everything to tarnish the name that Eraqus left behind.

"Although we have friends here, that doesn’t mean we should abandon the Land of Departure. The Lanes Between will always be open now, so it’s not like we’d never see any of them again."

Aqua had always been the voice of reason between the three of them, but she hardly felt as such with her thoughts in such disarray. Not to mention it seemed like the two boys were set in their beliefs, not unlike what had happened before.


Terra’s hand on Aqua’s back relaxed her a bit, tears beginning to slow. The time for tears was over. The three were reunited, and it was up to her to either fix their old home or find them a new one. The Keyblade Graveyard was a possibility… with the course of events that had brought them there, it was only reasonable for them to do their best to keep such a thing from ever happening again. Settling there to protect the link to Kingdom Hearts seemed like a good start. If strong fighters lived there, it would most likely deter someone from attempting to set up a base there to recreate Xehanort’s work.

The words from Ventus came as a slight surprise to him, the brunet glanced over just to be sure.. A hand moved to rest on the blond’s shoulder like he used to, blue eyes watching the younger for long moments. He wasn’t sure what to say, but then again, he wasn’t always one to know exactly what to do to help others in any attempts to make them feel better.

He listened again to Aqua’s reasoning, causing the male to think about what she said. Yes, this was true that the lanes between would be open and they would always be able to visit their newly made friends. He swallowed at the mention of the land of Departure, recalling the events that took place there. It was almost an unbearable memory, one that he would have loved to toss away. But the one thing that kept him from doing so was the thought of Master Eraqus.. The man’s final moments.. Ones that he had helped cause..

His eyes squeezed tight at the memory now gnawing at him, not wishing that he would have to deal with it. It would have been too much after some time. His face was turned down for a few moments before he finally took a deep, calming breath and pushed the memory back as best he could. There was now to deal with. These memories could be put on hold for another date.


Another moment and the words finally came to him, though he was hesitant to bring his thoughts into a vocal sentence. “Master Eraqus would want us to move on.. But at the same time, positive memories might be what’s best..” He had no idea if that made any sense, but coming from the first words in his mind, he paused. What would he know about what their master wanted? He had spent all of that time.. Not even listening to the wise words that he was given and more time doing something that he likely should not have been doing in the first place..

Blue eyes grew wide at his friend’s touch. The strong hand on his shoulder, protecting him instead of harming him. He and Aqua were right. They could always come back. As loathe as he was to leave Lea and the others, he wanted to be with these two as well.

Taking a few shaky breaths to calm himself further, Ven made his decision, "Sorry, I got carried away," he chuckled weakly. "You’re right Aqua, we should rebuild it." The Land of Departure had served a purpose, to be a place to raise and train potential keyblade masters. With them as masters, they could rebuild it, and train others to take their place when they were gone.

"I think, Master Eraqus would want us to continue what he did his whole life," Masters are guardians. Protectors of the worlds and of the light. The protectors of Kingdom Hearts. "All of us, we should keep an eye on things, together." He smiled, looking between the two of them. "As long as we’re together, I’ll be happy."

The kind of wounds they suffered from would heal with time. The emotional scars would fade until there was nothing left but happiness. True, Eraqus would want them to move on, but he would really want them to be happy. Terra finally found the path that their master wanted him to have. A path of light and virtue. One where he could truly protect his friends again. And Ven? Ven was ready to support Terra. To continue to be his best friend/little brother. 

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Xeha shook her head and picked up the plants that were in plastic temporary pots. “Let’s get these in the ground, all right? If love makes a huge difference we’ll see the difference in the ones you plant and take care of and the ones I plant and take care of.”

"You’re on!" Ven grinned, a competitive tone in his voice. Of course his flowers were going to grow better. That is, if he remembered to water them. Which he probably wouldn’t. Either way, he set off to planting with increased fervor. 



Despite operating in the areas, Madara actually wasn’t very knowledgeable of the impoverished neighbourhoods. But he was here with intent, looking for one of his subordinates. Adjusting the fox-like mask over his face, he walked along the streets.

Spotting a flash of blond, he moved up to the other. “Yo, Roxas.” He hadn’t realised the slight differences that this one bore to his subordinate.

Again? He absolutely hated it when people mistook him for his brother. Before he even caught a glimpse of the guy, he turned, face angry, "I’m not Roxas, I’m Ventus!" But the moment he caught a glimpse of that mask, he knew he’d made a terrible mistake. His heart sunk into his stomach as he sensed the evil aura the guy emanated.

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